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Cleaner Future Oy - About us


Our business and motivation is based on our willingness to offer solutions combining three areas of sustainability; ecological, economical and technical.

Ecological sustainability is a value that comes from respecting nature and from realising the fact that we can do a lot to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren by using our own skills and know-how.

We realise that practically the only way to make ecologically sustainable solutions widely popular is to make them economically viable for our clients. We are happy to offer solutions where economic feasibility can be well analysed before the investment decision.

Due to our engineering skills and Finnish hi-tech products, Cleaner Future has created a solution to combine ecological and economic benefits in a technically sustainable way.

Our passion is to combine these three different areas of sustainability and to provide excellent systems to our respected clients.
Joni Lepistö
Managing Director


Joni Lepistö
Managing Director

Cleaner Future Oy
Satakielenkatu 2738200 Sastamala, Finland
tel: +358 40 5569 468